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Living as a Student Athlete: Sports vs. Academics

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Striking a balance between sports and academics could sometimes seem like a Herculean task. On the one hand, it’s important to excel and get good grades, and on the other hand, one has to attain a certain level of success in the games.

Teams have relied on brands to distinguish themselves from others. This was what necessitated the use of symbols. These symbols are often placed on their uniforms, merchandise, Golden State Warriors hats, mascots and whatever represents them. The symbol is often a representation of the home team’s story, culture, and spirit. An example is Golden State Warriors basketball team. Their logo is the Golden state bridge. A rather interesting story behind this is that the symbol was made three years before its completion. This team was the first to use a structure as its symbol. There are many benefits to having a merchandise with symbols.

Importance of the use of symbols by sports teams:

  1.   It gives them publicity. The uniform helps both professional sportsmen and true fans to stand out in the crowd. Knowing that you belong to some squad increases self-esteem, as well as popularize engagement in sports among youths.
  2.   It’s a huge source of income for the team. As an illustration, Golden state warriors had the highest sales of merchandise as at June 2017 out of all the teams, as reported at http://www.nba.com/. The team sold the golden state warriors trooper hat, golden state warriors floral hat, golden state warriors NBA championship hat, cheap golden state warriors shirts. All these materials can be purchased from your local GS Warriors shop or at online Golden Warriors store (go here http://www.warriorsteamstore.com/ for more details).

Sports and academics have been well blended in high schools and some colleges. For instance, students who are exceptional in sporting events, get scholarships to study in Colleges and Universities. They also in addition to this, gets a chance to join the professional leagues of whatever sports they play. Below are some of the most important roles sports play in academics:

  1.      Great way to relieve stress: Studying on a daily basis can get boring and overwhelming. Taking part in physical activities is a way of relieving stress.
  2.      Teaches discipline: The coaches are always stricter than the classroom teachers are. Students have to fight to have a spot on a team. This level of competitiveness keeps them on their toes and instills hard work, endurance and strength.
  3.      It keeps them busy: Most students tend to engage in illicit activities after school. Doing sports keeps them busy and gives them a sense of purpose, especially in not so affluent communities.
  4.      Better performance in school: Students on athletic scholarships need to maintain a high level of academic success to keep enjoying the free tuition.

5.      Financial gains: Many students have graduated from becoming high school champions to joining professional leagues. For example, successful basketballers get paid heavily, especially when they win tournaments.