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Fran Bow Game Review (Alpha)

It is one of those games where the creepy factor has the potential to make you want to play with the lights on and have occasional holy rice balls moments. You can also play free games online on Casinoslots blog.

A Creepy Horror Point and Click Indie Game Review
developed by: Killermonday Games

Fran Bow

What got me interested: I was looking through my twitter feed when I saw Mr. Paul Greasley, creator of Under the Ocean; trying to help the game raise some funds, so I checked it out. I was already intrigued by the game’s storyline, but what sealed the deal for me were the screenshots I saw like the one above. I am very picky with horror games because a lot of times, people confuse the thriller genre for horror so I personally find it difficult to find a game that is an actual horror game like Amnesia. I also like the fact that the game uses artstyle and story to creep and scare the players rather relying on jump scares like most horror games (and even movies) do.

What is a Jump Scare Scene?

As written in Urban Dictionary, A tactic used in horror movies to scare people, the jump scare is used by unimaginative filmmakers as a cheap method of frightening the audience; i.e, making them literally jump out of their seats. This device is being increasingly employed in modern horror movies, along with gratuitous amounts of gore, because the directors have forgotten how to actually scare people. < just change the words movies into games and filmmakers into game devs.

First Impression and Gameplay

Stranger danger! Stranger danger! D:
Oh man the opening scene made me feel all sorts of things. I felt my eyes go wide at the end. It actually made me very excited with the game in terms of story. I also loved the minimalistic black and white art style approach that shows the story of how Fran ended up where she is. I actually admire the fact that this little girl can still smile and get feisty from what she had to go through. I was also pleasantly surprised with what I’ve experienced with the game considering it’s still early in development. The developers are planning on making this into a 5 chapter game. From what I’ve seen so far, I’m really looking forward to the completion and future chapters of the game.