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Fran Bow Game Review (Alpha) 3

Fran Bow Game Review (Alpha) 3

Dialogue and Fran
I like how many of the dialogues I get to choose from gives Fran a sense of different personalities (for me anyway). I will try my best to explain what I mean. For example, whenever Ivam in a conversation with an NPC and the dialogues pop up, one of the options seems to always give her a sense of feisty, cynical, and in your face type of personality, while the other seems to give her an indifferent and quiet personality as if nothing fazes her anymore. I like it because for me, it gives the character a sense of realness in terms of someone going through the trauma she did. In real life, it is possible for that person to manifest those personalities. Therefore it made me connect to Fran better.

The Pill, Poppin all day erday
Bloggers Message:
For the impressionable kids and adults, please remember this is a game, so do not even try to pull a Fran to solve problems or get to another reality by pill poppin. Sorry guys and gals, I do not mean to offend but I gta write this message just in case because you all know how people get sometimes.

I have mentioned a special kind of pill earlier. This pill plays an important part in the game in terms of progression. Fran Bow has many puzzles and problems that you can only solve by using the pill from time to time. Whenever you use the pill, you will be transported into what I call, BAR aka the bloody alternate reality; where you will need to interact with the creatures and objects you see in there in order to progress in the story. Every room shows a different BAR so you are going to need to pop them pills a lot. Also, I must say, I really like the disturbing things I saw on the other reality. It really is creepy, especially when you really look at the details.

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