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Fran Bow Game Review (Alpha) 2

The artstyle reminded me of those early story books with the cutout look. In a way it is like a contradicting art. It made me feel like they went for the innocent and lovely storybook art style with a Tim Burton like creepy twist but on a more disturbing and bloody level. I absolutely LOVE IT! I have always been a fan of contradicting art. Hell, that is the direction I go for when I create some of my personal art so I really enjoyed this aspect of the game. This also made the game’s artstyle stand out for me because many horror games try to go for full on realistic scary art.

A holy rice balls moment!

Fran Bow has some great music that really compliments the dark ambiance of the game as well as enhance the emotions that is being depicted in each scene. There is this one piano piece that I can keep listening to on repeat.


I do not like this doctor. I am suspicious of him
The game is about a little girl who saw a creepy thing outside her window, heard screaming in her parents room, and then discovered them murdered ( how they were murdered was what made my eyes go wide as saucers). She was later sent into a place for crazy kids. This is where the game starts off with a doc that introduces Fran to a special kind of pill. She seems to have two goals: Number 1 is to find her precious cat Mr. Midnight who seem to play an important role in the game. The other will be to find her parents murderer. However, reaching her goal will not be easy because a mysterious creature is trying to thwart her. Why?

I am not sure myself which is hooking me in more.