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Can A Video Game Make You Vomit? Yes It Can.

There is a hot first person action game that is sweeping the Ps3 community and it is said to make players experience severe nausea and even vomiting while playing. Yes, you heard me right, the game has a warning that playing this game can cause nausea and vomiting. The game is called Mirror’s Edge and it is a first person action game that is based on a message courier that travels across the rooftops in a police locked down city carrying black-market messages by using feats of parkour and acrobatics.  

Constant leaps over 40 story gaps and tightrope-walking over suspended pipes are just some of the feats you will encounter in this urban ninja first person runner.  Sony has some real good ps3 adventure games but none of them can compare to this one.

Mirror’s Edge is an action intense game that will have you on the edge of your seat while you’re on the edge of a building looking down at a 40 story drop. It takes about 15 minutes into the game to get all the nausea brewing like a volcano that is ready to erupt.  

Mirror’s Edge is the first game to hack into a person’s proprioception?  I know you’re like proprio What?  Proprioception is basically your body’s sense of its own physicality or its knowing of itself and where each body part is at all times and what each part is doing even when you are not looking at them.  An example of this would be dribbling a basketball without looking down at it or passing a baseball from one hand to the next behind your back or even walking up and down the stairs without looking down at your feet.  

Mirror’s Edge interrupts your proprioception and this is what throws your mind off give you a feeling of motion sickness and nausea. In this game you see the characters hands, feet and legs in motion which in turn looks like your body parts in motion and this is what disrupts your proprioception.